We have recently opened a first Dallas/Fort Worth area franchise branch of a large independent insurance agency. Always passionate about helping people, we initially wanted to provide a better version of something that “everybody knows.” However, while everybody knows ABOUT insurance and that they NEED it (in some cases it is even mandated by state or lender), the details are often very fuzzy. So we decided to create this blog to help our clients and friends navigate the choppy waters of various insurance types and products, share tips and hacks and in general educate in a friendly and non-intimidating way.

Now a little about Brightway. Brightway is America’s 7th largest independent insurance broker representing over 100 insurance carriers. We are experts in insurance and can recommend the best coverage for your needs and budget. We sell car, homeowners, renters, commercial and life insurance. We have great solutions for hard to insure cases such as Teslas, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, older homes, etc.

We can help you, call us at 972-584-1286, visit our website http://www.brightwayprestontrail.com or send us a message below!


Notice: This blog and its contents are the opinion of the writer and are not in any way endorsed or reviewed by Brightway Insurance. Brightway Insurance carries no responsibility for the content and its accuracy. Any advice in this blog is for your general consideration only and the writer does not carry any responsibility for any financial or other decisions made based on this blog. Always discuss your insurance needs with a licensed insurance agent.

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